Thursday, June 29, 2023

Charles W. Nash House For Sale

The Charles W. Nash house in Flint.

Ron Fonger of Mlive reports
The former Flint home of Charles Nash, co-founder of Buick Motor Co. and former president of General Motors, is for sale, but the historic structure won’t necessarily be sold to the highest bidder.

The Genesee County Land Bank is hosting a showing of the home at 307 Mason St. from 2-6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, and attendance is the first requirement for making a proposal to buy, invest in, and preserve the Victorian-style, three-bedroom home that was built in 1890 in the city’s Carriage Town Neighborhood.

Michael Freeman, executive director of the Land Bank, said the Nash house ended up in his agency’s hands after the county foreclosed on it for failure to pay property taxes. The Land Bank is highlighting the home’s availability and accepting proposals from prospective buyers until 4 p.m. July 24.
Readers of Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City may remember that this was the house where I stayed when I returned to Flint in the summer of 2009. It was then owned by my friend Rich Bennett, who was instrumental in convincing me to rediscover my hometown. Rich is no longer with us, but his memory and all the things he did for Flint live on. 

Let's hope the new owner of the Nash House treats it well.

My sleeping arrangements at the Nash House in 2009

Laundry day at the Nash House in 2009.


  1. Very interesting! I’m hoping to bid on buying Nash’s house. I’m a retired GM HQ Sr Environmental Engineer who was involved in closing many of NA plants.

    I actually started as a production supervisor straight out of college in 1985. I feel also drawn to the fact that Nash was instrumental in making GM’s manufacturing profitable. So, this house speeds to me on so many levels.

    If I’m lucky enough to be awarded this important project, it will bring me full circle in my career. To be a part of Flint’s rebirth seems to be the chance of a lifetime.

  2. Good luck! I have such great memories of being in the house. It would be great to see it restored.


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