Saturday, May 24, 2008

Village of Wolves Revealed

And now, at long last, actual photos of Flint's Village of Wolves, courtesy of Jar With Most. Sorry, no zombies or dead dogs in these. You'll have to use your imagination. (For the backstory on this intriguing "neighborhood," go here.)

And here's some more insight into what just might be Flint's most mysterious locale:

Smurfs, Inc:
"VOW was like a little slice of "Deliverance" set in depressing late 80s Flint. There really wasn't (isn't?) much for kids to do and if you weren't into drinking, drugging, fighting, or gangbanging, exploration was the next best option. VOW was always good for a an hour or so of amusement on a boring Saturday night, and of course half of the fun was the anticipation of what might happen.

"There were some halfway decent structures back there- a brick ranch, a few decent wood frame houses, and a pole barn. Last time I cruised through it looked like some of the homes had actually been remodelled."

Jim of L-Town:
"During my years as a Flint Journal police reporter I was actually in this neighborhood twice on bodies that were found dumped there.
Never heard of the VOW designation before, but come to think of it, it fits."

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