Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Divided loyalties

Are you a bigger Pistons fan or a Red Wings fan?

On Saturday, Monday and Wednesday you'll have to decide because the first three games of the Stanley Cup finals will be played at the same time as Games 3, 4 and 5 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals. Further proof the NHL is determined to drive itself out of business.


  1. Gary Bettman should have hit the bricks long ago. Encouraging the Americanization of hockey- "Mighty Ducks", Nordiques, Jets, and Whalers moves, blocking the move of the Preds to Hamilton, along with cancelling a season and the move to the Outdoor Life Network/Versus?!? What a mess.

    The NHL should stabilize itself- accept the fact that it is the #4 team sport in the U.S., encourage team continuity, and place future franchises in strong hockeytowns, and not places like flaky "Hockeytown"...

  2. "Flaky Hockeytown"? Detroit was one of the original 6. Maybe you need to catch up on some NHL history before you start pooping off.

  3. Man, post something about hockey and a fight breaks out almost instantly!

  4. Orignal 6? What does that mean?

    Look, many Wings fans are flaky. The Joe is only usually only half full until late in the 1st period... then those same latecomers leave early. Sure, there are some long-time true fans, but I seem to remember during the Dead Wings years attendance was frequently in the thousands. It was pretty easy to get Hockeytown tickets during the tenure of Jacques Demers. Outside of my hockey playing friends I don't recall anyone who was familiar with John Ogrodnick or Greg Stefan or Willi Huber during the 80s. Michaganders just didn't care. They were too busy supporting the USFL's Michigan Panthers.

    Hockeytown was merely an Illitch marketing ploy that worked. The Johnny-Come-Lately fans who showed up in the mid 90s with their window flags and goatees won't be around when the Wings miss the playoffs in a few years. Most of 'em are just Nascar rednecks who are into hockey because it's a fairly violent white sport domnated by white men.

    Original 6 or not, Detroit fans (Rangers and Hawks fans too) are by and large not that knowledgable. Idiots are sooo quick to boo goaltenders. Both Hasek and Osgood at one time bore the brunt of their ignorant criticism. They cheer tough guys who don't back check and ignore solid defensive denfensemen.

    Sorry, Detroit sport fans (Tigers and Pistons included) are the flakiest.

  5. The Original Six teams are:

    * Montreal Canadiens (Founded 1909, charter member of NHL in 1917)
    * Toronto Maple Leafs (original Toronto franchise was charter member in 1917, and was renamed Maple Leafs in 1927)
    * Boston Bruins (Founded 1924)
    * New York Rangers (Founded 1925)
    * Detroit Red Wings (Founded 1926)
    * Chicago Blackhawks (Founded 1926, known as the "Black Hawks" throughout the period)
    A Canadian perspective on "Hockeytown"

  6. Thanx Phil, but you really need to get off of the wikipedia. Nothing but lies. The real original six are:

    Anaheim Mighty Ducks
    Florida Panthers
    Phoenix Coyotes
    Tampa Bay Lightning
    San Jose Sharks
    Kansas City Scouts


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