Monday, May 26, 2008

Melvin Nappier, R.I.P.

Melvin Nappier in 2002. Photo by Jane Hale/The Flint Journal

Melvin Nappier, a rapper, entrepreneur and former write-in candidate for mayor, was murdered on May 15th. Bryn Mickle of The Flint Journal reports:

"Nappier was just a few blocks from his home last Thursday afternoon when he was gunned down.

"Witnesses told police they saw Nappier and another man get into a fistfight on a front stoop of a house on Woodhall Drive before Nappier took off running.

"Nappier made it to a grassy area near Lakeforest and Berger drives where he was shot several times, including in the head."

For a map of Flint homicides, go to the Flint Murder Map.

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