Friday, May 23, 2008


Photo by John Adkisson/The Flint Journal

Crime has to be going down if these dorks from Powers Catholic could survive a bike trip through Flint wearing these ridiculous unitards.

Disclosure: Although I have never worn a unitard, I did go to Powers.


  1. This looks like some sort of strange porno movie clip. They all look so happy. Maybe it wouldn't sound so bad if we called the "one-pieces" or "unisuits" or "cycling gear."

  2. I now have new information. Apparently its a singlet. I still can't embrace it, but at least they look like they are eligible to wear spandex. The cross country skiiers up here really push the limits of spandex - literally. Think sausage in casing.

  3. The guy in the middle looks like his unitard/one-piece/unisuit/singlet is a little too tight. Look at his expression. It's one of pain.

  4. Wow, those guys must fly through the North End. There is a thin line between brave and stupid.

  5. Indeed, these young men look foolish. Unitards and dirtbikes and those... those hairstyles? Dude looks like Zach from Saved By The Bell. Is early 90s nostalgia upon us?

    Nevertheless, credit is due. The Tour de Flint is a nice tradition. The unitards are actually sorta funny in a wacky jock humor sort of way.

    Think of it this way, every minute those dweebs were on the road was one less minute that was spent giving wedgies to nerds or making innapropriate advances towards nubile freshmen. Ya gotta keep the jocks busy.


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