Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tesla Chooses Downey

Cars are still a source of recovery for some towns. Downey, a suburb of Los Angeles, hopes Tesla Motors can help revive its fortunes after the collapse of the aerospace industry.

AP's Daisey Nguyen writes:

This blue-collar suburb on the edge of Los Angeles once helped send men to space. After the collapse of its aerospace industry, its ambitions are now more down-to-earth but still looking toward the future.

The City Council last week unanimously approved an agreement intended to lure Tesla Motors' electric car manufacturing plant to the former site of a NASA plant that helped develop the Apollo program and the space shuttle fleet.

The city hopes that the car factory will bring $21 million in city revenues over 15 years, create about 1,200 jobs and help revitalize its reputation as Southern California's high-tech hub.

"Not only will it bring money to the city, it will establish us as a leader in electric car and green technology production," Mayor Mario Guerra said.


  1. Sorry, I didn't catch the price on the Tesla. That's one of the key factors with this vehicle.

  2. $57,400 announced list price (not yet finalized, since the vehicle won't be introduced for a year+)for the Model S, as depicted.

    This however is a lot less than for the Roadster, which has a list
    price of $109,000.

  3. Now I caught it. Thanks JWilly.


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