Thursday, July 12, 2012

William P. Arbuckle

Anyone know anything about a Flintoid named William P. Arbuckle, who was around in the 1920s?


  1. You sure it's a "P" and not a "G"?

    A Death Certificate for William Guy Arbuckle is on file in Genesee County, showing a date of 7-13-42 for his demise.

    Also, from the Lamona Beach website:

    "The HOUGHTON LAKE SYNDICATE were friends primarily from the Detroit and Flint areas who came together to create a resort on Houghton Lake to vacation to.

    The Syndicate was founded February 23, 1928 and dissolved in 1931, maybe for an oil and gas merger, with corporate offices at the Flint P Smith Building in Flint.

    President: Mr. EG Smith from Swartz Creek.
    VP: Mr. I.N. Latchaw of Lansing.
    Sec/Treasurer: Mr. William Arbuckle from Flint."

    Same dude? Different dude? Dunno at this point.

  2. I have inquired with another longstanding LaMona Beach vacation resident as to whether she knew of anyone named Arbuckle. She is too young, but perhaps her mother may remember. I think this is the same beach, but perhaps a different association.


    The middle initial in the signature on the stock certificate looks to be a "G" to me.

  4. Did you see the stock certificate signature? It certainly could be a G.


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