Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season's Greetings from Flint Expatriates

Friday, December 16, 2016

Buick Ghosts on the Streets of San Francisco

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Flint Artifacts: Georgia & Ed Funk QSL Card

A Park, an Ice Rink, and a Different Era

David Wilson, a Flint Northern grad, remembers the Ballenger Park ice rink on his Five by Five from the 457 blog:
The memories are as diverse as they are endless. I was actually in Flint a couple of years ago and drove to the Park. I immediately saw that the tennis courts, the fence, the buildings, the sidewalk… they are all gone, the entire area now covered with grass. No matter, getting out of the car and venturing onto the grass was like stepping into a time machine. Closing my eyes, I “saw” the green boxes near the street, I heard the music, I smelled the popcorn. Looking through the fence I saw (and even heard) the hundreds of kids, young and old, circling the rink, laughing, playing tag, standing in the middle. I recalled the smiling face of a beautiful young blond girl named Brenda whom I absolutely adored, yet to whom I probably never spoke more than a single word in four years. I think I might have stammered out “Hi” to her a couple of times (we fellas learn young that some girls are simply unapproachable).
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