Monday, August 27, 2012

Ben Hamper: Dealing with Monotony

It's always good to start a Monday out with a little Ben Hamper:
"The one thing that was impossible to escape was the monotony of our new jobs. Every minute, every hour, every truck and every movement was a plodding replica of the one that had gone before. The monotony gnawed away at Roy. His behavior began to verge on the desperate. The only way he saw to deal with the monotony was to numb himself to it. When the lunch horn sounded, we'd race out to his pickup and Roy would pull these enormous joints from the glove box. 'Take one," he'd offer. Pot made me nervous so I would stick to the beer from his well-stocked cooler or slug a little of the whiskey that was always on hand."
                 — Rivethead: Tales From the Assembly Line 


  1. What up with Ben....he has not updated his web-page in years. Did he "drop out" of society?

  2. Au contraire. He is up in the TC area doing a killer radio show. His dj banter is even better than the tunes. Remember, society existed before the internet.


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