Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Flint Story Hidden in an Attic

Julia Meister, a Flint Expatriate once removed, discovers an unexpected connection to her father's hometown in the attic of their home in Oak Park, Illinois.

What's a monthly poker game in the seventies and eighties on Euclid Avenue in Flint have to do with a dusty attic in a house near Chicago in 2012? Throw in a harrowing World War II bombing mission and a chance encounter in Big Spring, Texas, not to mention a Quiz Kid from Longfellow School, and it all adds up to a story that reflects "the marvelous interconnectedness of modern life." Get the full story here.

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  1. As I read it, the Quiz Kid was from *a* Longfellow School, but not *our* Longfellow School.

    The one in Oak Park is at 715 South Highland Avenue.

    Wikipedia lists seven Longfellow Elementary Schools, but that list missed both Oak Park's and Flint's until I added them, so it can't be considered comprehensive.


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