Friday, November 28, 2014

Ice Racing on Thread Lake


  1. Michigan at it's most moronic. Here's hoping for a warm winter.

  2. Back in the mid-60s, I briefly dated a girl that was friends with the daughter of the Yamaha motorcycle dealer. Her Dad was an ice racing aficionado. Ice racing then, and apparently now, is a lot like dirt tracking. You power-slide all the corners.

    Back then, the technique for gaining traction was to use smooth instead of knobby tires, and drive large numbers of hardened screws through the tires from the inside, with about a quarter inch of point exposed. Used with a liner and an inner tube, the performance was pretty good. Sort of like a studded automobile tire on steroids. Kinda dangerous to be around, but everyone pretty much ignored that and focused on going fast.

  3. Need to know dates and times. Been waiting since last year to attend. Today is Jan 11, 2015.


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