Thursday, July 10, 2008

The end is near

(Photo by Rashaun Rucker of The Detroit Free Press)

Demolition has begun on Tiger Stadium. Bill McGraw of The Detroit Free Press reports:

"Amid the dust and bulldozers and roving bands of middle-aged men with cameras on the first real day of demolition at Tiger Stadium on Wednesday, it emerged that the city is planning to save three of the stadium's historic elements -- the flagpole and both foul poles."

Ernie Harwell, who is still fighting to save part of the stadium through the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, remembers the good times at the corner of Michigan & Trumbull.


  1. man, what a heartbreak. damn shame, really. I was hoping for a miracle I guess. A close Friend and I played a roadtrip game of spotting all places we found that were painted Tiger Stadium green. They tear down a landmark like the Stadium, and allow tawdry, gaudy plasticized carbunkles like the proposed "Main Street America" to be built(probably) in Grayling/Gaylord area. The backers under investigation for allegedly thieving money instead of paying it out. what they ain't saying is: will it be Mainstreet Flint, Mainstreet Benton Harbor, or Mainstreet bay harbor...

  2. how about many more pictures of the tear down and the stadium? that'd be interesting to see.


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