Monday, December 7, 2009

The Cars of San Francisco: Chevelle Malibu

During a break from watching Flint's Mark Ingram run Alabama into the college football title game on Saturday, I spotted this matte black Chevelle Malibu near 24th and Treat Streets in San Francisco. (Malibus were a version of Chevelles until 1978, when the Malibu became its own line.) I know some Chevelles were made in Flint, but I'm not sure if this was one of them. All photos by Michael G and his trusty iPhone.


  1. Love the paint- old school hot rodder flat black with nice SS stripes... I believe this car was built in Van Nuys, not sure though....

  2. I love the 1969 Chevelle. I had one of my Central High School senior pictures taken next to one I spotted while the photographer, my mom and me were en route to Riverbank Park.

  3. In the previous years, cars were made primarily by hand. Manufacturing plants would employ many skilled workers who churned out the many models that we have come to love and appreciate in the last decade.
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