Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Behind the Wheel at I.M.A. Safetyville

Flint Expatriates has rustled up a collection of artifacts from I.M.A. Safetyville, once located in Kearsley Park, in the past. There was the brochure. There was the license and the ticket for a moving violation. And, of course, one of the souped up orange Chevys. There was even a post on the small lake that had formed on the spot where Safetyville used to reside. And don't forget the anecdotes from Flintoids who learned to drive in the miniature town. Now we have two new shots of Safetyville in all its glory, courtesy of Gerry Godin and the Sloan Museum.


  1. Gordie - As you may recall, the recreation directors (or whatever their title was) at Haskell took us a few times. I recall my overwhelming dream was to be extra careful, 'stay clean', and drive all day. However, each time I had my 3 strikes in less than 20 minutes and was left to watch. Nice digging on the pics, I am still amazed how hard they are to come by.

  2. Wow... actual streetwalkers?!?! I didn't realize how "true to Flint" Safetyville strove to be.

  3. When I moved back to the area I thought I made this place up. Good to know it was real. It was a cool place. Too bad it's gone.


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