Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flint Artifacts: Koegel's Hot Head Cheese


  1. Got to be the most disgusting "food" on the planet. Ate a piece once.........before I found out what it really was. Lutefisk is a very close second....look it up.

  2. Oregon MassachusettsMarch 31, 2013 at 6:18 PM

    Anything Koegel's rendered, Salay's did as well... but it was even nastier.

    Salay's Olive Loaf, anyone?

  3. Blame GM, Dem pols, UAW, Michael Moore, Japan, Ronnie Reagan, Hoodrow etc etc ad infinitum for Flint's downfall, but a steady diet of coneys is as responsible as anything else. You just CANNOT eat mass quantities of that slop and not expect multi-generational repercussions. 'Toids should know better... but ooohhhh, they're sooooo good. Grow up. This is kid's food circa 1955. Death by coney. 2 up.

    Oh yeah... and this

  4. Hot Head Cheese is just a tip of the meat iceberg. I was completely unaware of the insanity that is Koegel's until I googled 'em. What is this stuff?-

    Dutch Loaf:

    Mac and Cheese Loaf:


    Dinner Franks:

    1. Forest Hill Forest HillApril 1, 2013 at 11:03 PM

      Maybe the above posters work for Sara Lee Ball Park Franks. In case you are wondering, not even Hebrew National All Beef Franks are Kosher. So you might as well eat Koegel's if you are going to eat hot dogs anyway if that makes a difference.

  5. A fried bologna sandwich, extra thick, with mustard, is a gift from heaven. Fry it in butter and it's even better. Use as directed, not reccommended for daily consumption.

  6. Ah, that increasing pressure in the chest. Here comes that insistent burning in my esophagus. My head is beginning to ache, and I am breaking into a clammy sweat. My hands are trembling and I am beginning to lose my ability to focus on objects near and far. There is a high pitch ringing in my ears. I am feeling like I cannot catch my breath.

    Heart attack? Or that Koegel's rush?

    Check back tomorrow.

  7. Love me some Koegel's Vienna's....have to stock up every year when I go back to my beloved Michigan.


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