Saturday, June 29, 2013

Salad Days

My Teardown book tour goal for today: eat a salad. That was also the goal yesterday, but in a moment of weakness I opted for something slightly less healthy...a Reuban with smoked corned beef at the Mackinaw Brewing Company in Traverse City. Man, was it good. But today's a new day. A healthier day. A salad day. No more coneys. No more Halo Burger. No more Luigi's pizza. I mean it this time.


  1. Yeah, Yeah we'll see. Geographic location is the only thing that will save you on the pledge of abstinence you have saddled yourself with now. Sweet home San Francisco, here I come. I have a son, a senior, at the Maritime Academy in Traverse City and I can vouch for that sandwich at the Mackinaw Brewing Company and the other great food served there. Ah,you forgot to mention what you washed it down with my friend.

  2. A Traverse City would be NPR radio host with roundabout ties to Ben Hamper and with a roundabout connection to the Sippin' Lizzard crowd has stated that Traverse City is not populated by young "Bohemian" types, but by "hipsters". I don't quite know what the difference is. Maybe someone can explain I to me.

  3. San Francisco voted "Snobbiest City".

  4. This list has the 20 snobbiest cities.

    Among Michgan's snobbiest cities would be Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Grand Rapids, Midland, Rochester, and Traverse City, in addition to the more obvious suburban Detroit ones which one doesn't have to name. I'm sick of apologizing and being judged for being from Flint. Say it Loud, I'm from Flint and I'm Proud! RIP JB.


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