Saturday, January 2, 2016

Flint Maps: Chevy in the Hole with Cloud Shadows

Great map of dear old Flint. Chevy in the Hole is front and center. Michigan School for the Deaf is lower left with the Crescent Drive mini neighborhood and park in front of it. Atwood, with a baseball diamond, is at the far right roughly in line with Chevy in the Hole. The big field just above Chevy is the park behind Durant-Turri-Mott Elementary, with Ballenger Park above it. You can spot Dupont Street, follow it up to Welch Blvd., take a left and it wraps around to Clio Rd., which runs off the top of the map. Those with good eyes can identify the big fields that form Bassett Park, Haskell Community Center, and nearby Civic Park School.


  1. Every House, every Plant, every School, every Park, every Street tells a story. Along with all the People mentioned in other threads, it tells the story of a once marvelous City. Will it ever again achieve the Greatness of its Past? Only Time Will Tell.

  2. I dunno, Flint's past greatness may have been a bit overrated. Ranking eras is a losing game.

    As far the stories go, that may be true every thing does indeed have a story, but the story that Rockford St. has got to share is BORING.


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