Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drink Up

A wine bar? In Flint?

Marc Jacobson at ABC 12 reports:

Renovations have been moving along quickly at Cork on Saginaw, and the owners are ready to hire.

A new bistro and wine bar is just about ready to pop the cork in downtown Flint. Marge Murphy is the owner and chef. "I'm very excited, and all I want to do is get in that kitchen and cook."

Cork on Saginaw expects to open its doors at 635 South Saginaw Street by the end of this month. Right now, applications are being accepted on the restaurant's Facebook page for 12 jobs.


  1. Reminds me of one of my favorites...

    Sir, A little Cheese with your "Whine"

  2. This is step one in the San Franciscination of Saginaw Street.

  3. Step one in the...what?

    Ummm, I'd think that San Franciscovation would involve quite a few steps, wouldn't it?

  4. Do they serve Wild Irish Rose?


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