Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flint and Twenty-Somethings

An example of some Flint-esque signage from Pretty Faces, a student blog devoted to typefaces. In this case, it's "unknown geometric."

It's always interesting to see what twenty-somethings are thinking. In February, I got some feedback from college students on the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial and their perception of Detroit. Lately, I've been working with students who are creating their own blogs. I thought I'd pass along some links to give you a glimpse of the variety of topics they're interested in covering. Flint obviously has a problem hanging on to residents once they graduate from high school, as well as attracting younger people to the city. It's highly unscientific, but when I look at these blogs, I wonder how Flint could attract these young, well-educated students to the city after they graduate.

The Trial of Miles

Pretty Faces

A Peace in Mind

Zen Cupcake

What About Love

The Modern Mad Man

Sustainable Student

My Heart is in Hawaii

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