Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flint Photos: Buick Specials Roll Down the Line in 1949


  1. When I was a kid, my Dad bought a new 49 Roadmaster. We drove it down to southern Indiana to visit relatives. It was Memorial Day weekend. When we went through Indianapolis we were locked onto the radio listening to the "500" race. I had bugged my Dad to stop and watch the action,but he didn't want to lose the time even though he loved the Indy races. My favorite driver was Rex Mayes. He hit the wall and was killed that day. The big Buick's comfort was suddenly erased that day along with my hero. That was 62 years ago this past weekend and I'll never forget that trip.

  2. That is my father Emmanuel(Mannie)Godin in the left foreground Gordy. I remember in the 50's Buick came out with an in-house photo book with this photo in it. My father said "if I had only looked at the camera, I would be famous". I never forgot that. The booklet was destroyed when my brothers basement flooded on Dupont st. years ago. I've only seen one other copy since, and tried to buy it, but the person would not part with it. I did however purchase a G.M. quarterly report from 1950 that featured this photo on the cover.


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