Monday, August 10, 2009

Deep Thoughts

The Flint Journal editorial board reaches an astounding, awe-inspiring conclusion that reveals the ultimate key to the city's future! Are you sitting down? Here it is...

Flint will get better if everyone stops moving away.


  1. Looks like we have a winner for brain drain goat of the week. At least there is some discussion of attracting more people to the city.

  2. OMG - just proves how stupid the Urinal's editorial board can get. Also proves how right I was to move out of the Flint area to NW Arkansas not quite six months ago to take a job at Tyson's, after I spent four-and-a-half YEARS trying to find work in my field of accounting in the Flint area, with no dice. People might quit moving away if there were actual JOBS in the area that paid a livable wage. I'm making as much per hour now working in a chicken factory as I was at my last job nearly five years ago in an office in Mt. Morris. Oh yeah, and I can afford to rent a decent two-bedroom house down here, pay all my bills, buy all my groceries, have a dog and a cat for company, make my car payments, pay my insurance on everything (including HEALTH INSURANCE through work, wow, what a concept), and wonder of wonders, have something left over from each paycheck to tuck away for a rainy day. Oh yeah, and if I want overtime, it's almost always offered on weekends in a different department from where I normally work, so if I don't want to take any days off, I can usually work 7 days a week. (Though I had Sunday off as the whole plant was closed for the day ... first day I had off in three weeks!)


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