Saturday, October 6, 2012

Commercial Memories of Flint and Detroit

Some TV memories of the seventies and eighties courtesy of Flint Expatriate David Mayton.


  1. I never saw an analog TV picture that was that clear. There are no remnants of scanning lines, no snow, and no less than ideal signal degradation. What software was used to produce this? Even cable wouldn't give you that noise free picture. And the only off air places that would get all these channels that clear would be around Holly and Clarkston.

  2. Hi Nolen. I used Adobe Premier Pro 1.5, though the source video was from various sources (generally Youtube, though I searched for the cleanest source video possible). Adobe has some nice tools for cleaning up and blending.

  3. Some Observations:

    It isn't racist to say Mel Farr is speaking some mushmouthed gobbeldygook. What language is that?

    Al Kessel is a dullard.

    Sam Merrill was just going through the motions.

    Amyre Makupson is a stage name so bizarre it is worthy of NPR.

    The volume of Lapeer references is much
    higher than it should be.

    Michelle Landry never disclosed her conflict of interest on News For Little People.

    The Friendly Giant was not actually a giant. In reality he was a normal sized man who tromped around a miniature set.


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