Monday, December 29, 2014

Flint, Meet Dublin

In describing Dublin in the fifties, an unlikely source captures Catholic life in Flint in the seventies:
"Dublin Catholics are spiritual but not saintly, faithful but not strict, godly but not exact. Devout and good, they are also loosely at large with a blunt and sincere grasp of what the human frame requires."   
Autobiography by Morrissey


  1. I dunno Morrissey, the legacy of Irish Catholicism is pretty wretched- I think strict, but not faithful would be a better quote. The transgressions of Catholicism in Ireland are countless. "Devout and good" is another one you have to question given the sordid history of the Dublin based papal outpost. Oh yeah, stop cancelling your Flint shows.

    1. In fairness to the great show canceler, he's referencing the everyday Catholics in his immediate family and their circle of friends, not the official church.


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