Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home Decor Courtesy of A.C. Spark Plug

Tom Torri worked at A.C. from 1960 until 1987 in an engineering test lab, systems and programming, and product development. He then transferred to Delco Electronics in Kokomo, Indiana, and worked in advanced product engineering — where he helped develop the first LCD displays on the control panelsand eventually in product reliability. Tom retired in 2000, but he still has plenty of A.C. memorabilia around the house. The A.C. lamp was a give-away to employees. The A.C. decanter came with Jim Beam and employees had to buy them.

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  1. That's my uncle, and we used to go up and visit him at his home, which was in an area that later became incorporated as part of Burton. Many memorable visits were spent up there.


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