Thursday, November 26, 2009

1967 Buick Electra: The Art of Advertising


  1. Obviously much more than a car...refinement, elegance, position, power, sophistication.

    Isn't this about the size of your place, Gordie? You could just about live in this ride. I love the size of that trunk. :^)

    They ought to bring back the "Electra" name for a battery-powered model. But, it wouldn't be the same, I guess.

  2. Good call theChurchGuy! I clearly remember putting three teenagers in my buddies Duece & 1/4 trunk to sneak into a US23 drive-in showing of "Woodstock". This did not work out good for them because Mikey had a bad-ass Alpine stereo system that was way too loud up front when he cranked Jimmy Hendricks version of the Star Spangled Anthem. Say what you will about cassette tapes, but they served thier purpose.

    An electric Duece & 1/4? No...that would'nt do. The main feature of this car was it's throaty growl when it was punched.

    How did they get Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor to pose for this ad?

  3. Buicks, Buicks and more Buicks. My Dad bought his first one in 1947. It was a 46 roadmaster and loaded. It was a fourdoor with a stick. Bought it from Downtown Buick from a salesman named Bun Furnough(?)and that relationship went on for almost twenty years. In 49 came the dynaflow transmission with four portholes roadmaster. From then on it was all new roadmasters until the electra 225. Exception being a 1958 Limited,no ports. It had a kind of hydrolic suspension in the rear and blew up on us one afternoon, eventhough it was new. It sounded like a shotgun went off and the right rear of the car dropped so low, it had to be nursed home slowly. Then came the wing tailed fifty nine and so on. He had one the same color as your Grandma's Gordie. It was a four door hardtop and the same year. My brothers all drove new Buicks when they worked at GM. It was interesting for the neighbors to always see four or five new Buicks stuffed in our driveway,each in their designated spot. In 1960 he bought a new Cadilac, but just that one year. When I came home from the service, I couldn't afford to buy a Buick, so I had to wait until 1967 for mine. It was a California GS LaSabre, loaded. Then a 1969 Gran Sport 400 convertible followed by 70 Gran Sport 455 with a stage one kit.A hot muscle car indeed. Then I came to my senses....and started driving a more family oriented vehicle. Did anyone else out there have a Buick family experience like this? ......unclebuck

  4. The Art of Advertising, the point of the post, hitting the year of the 1967 Buick. I don't know who's in that picture in the ad.,but I think AJ Foyt was racing under the Buick banner around that time and he used to be in their ads....unclebuck

  5. unclebuck,

    LeSabre GS? What is that? Give me some details on your car. I've become a fan of the '65-'72 Buicks as of late.

  6. To Anonymous: That particular 1967 model of Buick LeSabre was a limited addition (544) production. The California Gran Sport had a special radiator for high heat areas, which by the way, did not perform and had to be replaced along with a set of special brackets under the hood to stop the hood from coming through the windscreen upon impact. Other than that, it was a real nice ride. Hard top convertible vinal roof. All leather interior with bench seat. 340 engine automatic trans.Color was called buick saddle brown with tan roof. Bought it from my brother with ten thousand miles on it for 2800 dollars. Traded it for a 1969 Buick Gran Sport 400 convertible. I had put few miles on the LeSabre, so the trade brought me 2700 dollars. It only depreciated a hundred bucks during that year. I paid $1100 difference for the new one, which retailed for more than the LeSabre. My brother bought his Buicks with a 30% discount. .....unclebuck

  7. Did anyone else out there have a Buick family experience like this? ......unclebuck


  8. Doug: If we had that car of Gene's today, it would bring about a half million dollars. The 70 Gran Sport, about two hundred thousand for mint condition. That LeSabre wasn't the one used for a mysterious joy ride by you know who. Ha....unclebuck God, the things we took for granted back then in Buick town.

  9. Have you ever seen the 1967 Buick Brochure? In all likelihood the best brochure they ever produced- featuring fashion models, sports legands, and all the major male stars of Hollywood seated inside a different Buick model.

    I'll send you some pics of it!

  10. Half a million? Sheesh ... and here I thought that the silver Sport Wagon with the facing rear seat was the coolest car we ever owned ... except for the flame red Wildcat we briefly had before he sold it to Uncle Bill.

    The car that went for the famous ride was that ugly dark green 1966 LeSabre that ran like a top ... my brother and I had the '65 sea mist green one that day.

    We conclusively demonstrated that the back seat could hold two hockey bags, four sticks and a giant Burton cop ... OK, it wasn't so comfortable for the cop, but he should have known better than to jump in on top of a stick blade pointing up.

    BTW, the stunt driver now says he was only trying to blow out the carb a little because the parents drove too slowly and were gunking it up. He's a card, that boy.


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