Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flint Photos: Knife-Wielding Thugs in Bassett Park

Thankfully, I've completely forgotten the circumstances that led me to be photographed in Bassett Park in 1975 wearing a pink polyester shirt, flexing my chicken-bone arms, and biting a very large knife with my very large teeth. This was during the "Gangs of Flint" era, so it may have been some sort of initiation ritual. Only one thing is certain: I was no longer getting buzz cuts at Johnny's Barber Shop on Lewis Street.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Fink is on the far left, and the house Dave McDonald eventually bought is on the far right.


  1. A bandanna, and we have, "The Pink Pirate Of Penzance". The terror of Bassett Park. Funny what a few props will transform a ten year old into. I was a different action hero every weekend myself. Good memory Gord.

  2. You look like you're practicing your ninja moves or maybe some version of the tango with a very tall imaginary partner. I'm sure stranger things have happened in that park.

  3. Hey Gordie....never realized my old crib on Bassett Place would be so famous....I love the panoramic shot from an earlier mom was playing with my oldest son out in the park by the bushes directly across from the house when a young male went racing by with the FPD in pursuit shortly thereafter. The police warned my mom and son that they should go indoors as Balkan had been robbed and they were pursuing the suspect. A few weeks later I was playing with my son when he spotted a gun in the bushes....with my keen detective instincts using a small twig i pulled out the pistol in question, it was a Daisy....but it looked like a real .45 ...apparently the robber had ditched it as he made off with the "dough"...pun intended


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