Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flint Photos: Halo Burger

Thanks to Randy Gearhart for the photo.


  1. Ahh yes Halo Burger, Halo everybody Halo!!

    How can I ever forget my trips to Halo Burger after the bars closed. Lining up in the drive through lane which was always busy around 2:30am on the weekends, to order a 1/2 pound supreme,onion rings and drink! Then parking by the old Vernor's mural to chow down my delicious meal for a little bit of sober up time!

    1. scarf it down then go home and heave,right..LMAO

  2. I'm flying up to Flint from Tampa tomorrow, off to Halo Buger as SOON as the plane touches down!!!

  3. My parents met at the halo burger 50 years ago! In september were throwing them a 50th anniversary suprise party and I would love to incorporate old pics of the Halo Burger!! My mom moved up from West Virginia to Flint to live with her brother. She got a job at Halo Burger and met my dad who was a customer there! If anyone has any old pics of the place would u please email them to me at thank u sooo much! If it wasnt for Halo burger I guess I wouldnt exsist LOL!


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