Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Chicken in Every Pot...or Something Like That

Barack Obama is winning praise for his economic team, but there's one "expert" the president elect has not called on for advice — Flint Mayor Don Williamson. But don't worry, The Don is sending the city administrator to Washington with a plan that will solve all our problems.

Joe Lawlor at The Flint Journal reports:
"Just about every household in America would be in line for a a voucher to purchase a new car if Mayor Don Williamson has his way.

"Williamson is sending City Administrator Darryl Buchanan to Washington D.C. next week to tout his big idea to save the auto industry as part of the Mayors Automotive Coalition lobbying Congress for the Detroit Three's $34-billion loan.

"Williamson said under his idea, each household with a registered voter would receive a $5,000 voucher to purchase a new car. He hasn't calculated how much the plan would cost taxpayers."
With brilliant — and costly — moves like this, it's hard to figure out why Williamson is facing a recall election.


  1. Williamson should team up with this guy for the never gonna happen perfecta,0,301245.story

  2. it'd be funny, if williamson wasn't such a terminal, malignant mass of evil.

  3. I just realized that long URLs don't really work in the comment section, so I posted something on the article Jim references. It's worth a read.

    And, yes, Williamson would be hilarious if he were the Mayor of Grand Rapids.


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