Monday, March 23, 2009

Flint School District Not Interested

K-12 Corner, Kristen Longley's excellent education blog, reports that the Flint School District has turned down Powers' $5 million offer to buy Southwestern. That spells trouble for Flint Central.


  1. If we all would have just listened to visionary former superintendent Felix Chow, we wouldn't be in this pickle. Chow proposed building 3 underground mega schools with 5000 students each. Bury the children of Flint to save money on heating and cooling? That is deep on so many levels.

  2. And, given that this is Flint, there could be a huge, seldom-used parking lot on top of the underground schools!

  3. This makes sense. Everyone knows that the city of Flint is sitting on a pile of gold with all the vacant property the schools own. I bet buy next week there will be many offers that make the $5mil offered by Powers to look like chump change.

  4. Flint is sitting on a pile of gold? SWA is actually worth more than 5 mil? Really? You're being sarcastic, right?

    If Flint is so full of treasure, than Gary and Youngstown must be veritable cornucopia of the rarest precious metals and gems.


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