Thursday, March 5, 2009

G.M. Takes Billions at a Time

At long last, Flint Expatriates and former members of Dissonance Andy Turpen and Jim Holbel have reunited to form a new band — The Gifted Program. They offer up a timely rendition of the 1976 Johnny Cash recording of the Wayne Kemp song "One Piece at A Time." Instead of an autoworker slowly stealing the Cadillac of his dreams, this version follows our favorite automotive giant as it takes billions at a time from the taxpayers.


  1. Great song... another hit by Terp Dowg...

  2. Isn't this the truth.. Great song

  3. Gordster - Just so you understand the true value of the Flint Expats 'Bump' on youtube traffic... the total hits as of this afternoon driven off of the Flint expats link...

    wait for it...


    Still anxiously awaiting my cease and desist notices from the Boss and whover made 'Tombstone'

  4. Retraction: total hits 34, or almost 20% of all traffic. YOU'RE A KINGMAKER!

  5. So it's 6 hits from me versus the original 4? Do I get a royalty check of some sort? Unfortunately, I figured out how to use google analytics a little better and discovered half the hits I get are probably accidents. Oh well.

  6. nope you are 34 outta 200, 17% according to youtube insight discovery. Maybe if you throw in some "britney spears nipple slip at Flint concert" type stuff, you can move up the food chain.

  7. I emailed the youtube link to alot of people... sorry Gordie it was before you posted it... :s

  8. Würstside WarlørdMarch 9, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    Adado is Godado!! Anyone who can simultaneously play two trumpets, a keyboard, a karaoke machine, all the while singing and yucking it up with the crowd is indeed a talent. Best of all Bob always seemed to be having a blast. What a great guy!!
    I gotta hand it to Joe Freyre as well. A Flint fixture, he seemed to be everywhere. Joe must have visited my school at least once every couple of years. Not only did he and his combo introduce many Flint school children to jazz, he would also belt out crowd pleasers like the Barney Miller theme.

    I had no idea Freyre and Adado collaborated. Whatta combo!!

  9. Würstside WarlørdMarch 11, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    Adado is the new messiah. Posted this'un in the wrong place. See the Flint bar post from a few months ago if you care.

    You guys need to find some Bloody Coup recordings ASAP. Crimes against the dead, stole a corpse's head?


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