Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bailout Blog

With the Big Three hogging all the publicity — and getting all the flak — it's easy to forget just how many businesses are begging for a Federal bailout. Luckily, we have Gimme My Bailout to keep track for us.


  1. Good question. I found it uncredited on a blog, then searched for 30 minutes trying to find the origin so I could credit it. Finally gave up. I wish people would credit sources. Many people are creating things on the web and they ask for nothing except credit. I'm not sure why so many bloggers don't extend the courtesy of crediting the material they use.

  2. Okay, with a little more searching, it's by the street artist Meek. I've now added a wiki link.

    Grumkin, thanks for the added incentive to keep looking.


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