Friday, November 21, 2008

Eric Koziol: Underwater Art

After a trip to Big Sur, Flint Expatriate artist Eric Koziol created an online gallery featuring his first underwater photo series. Go here to experience "the strange and luscious visual results."


  1. Very soothing. I can see why Bloomberg requires aquariums in his offices now...

  2. I didn't see any wolf eels! California not have any?! terrible! BUT! the photos are excellent! looking frwd. to more, only with lots of wolf eels! yeah, yeah, I know they ain't tidal pool rezs, but they're just too cool! There's a beer marketed in Oregon that uses wolf eels for their logo. nuthin' like that in California though, I bet. Flint could've used a mascot like a wolf eel.

  3. Soothing - that is the perfect description. Fantastic photos :)


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