Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rev. Herbert M. Hart, R.I.P.

"Herbert M. Hart didn't shy away from the truth or going after what he wanted," reports Shannon Murphy of The Flint Journal.

"He spoke four languages, started his own church and saw the importance of being blunt with youth.

"That was his favorite saying: 'I'm raw and uncut and bring it to you like it is,'" said his mother Nina Hart of Flint. "If it was telling them to pull up their pants or cover their (chests). And they (the youth) kept coming back to hear him say it."

"The Rev. Herbert Hart, pastor at New Berea Ministries in Burton, died Monday night after being shot in the head while driving to his sister's home, said family who believe Herbert Hart was hit by a stray bullet.

"Police have released few details about his death, but said he was in a sports utility vehicle when he was shot about 7:15 p.m. at Myrtle Avenue and Marvin Street."

The Flint Murder Map tracks homicides in The Vehicle City throughout the year. Please note that the map is incomplete and offers only a partial list of murder victims.


  1. I am horrified by the news and loss of Mr. Hart. I woulld love to meet his mother. She is a GREAT WOMAN. Let me tell you how I met her son, Herbert. I work at NorthBank Center and he would always use the stairs when going to Hamilton Clinic. About eight months ago I lost my signed endorsed payroll check in the stairwell. Herbert didn't even know my name. He trackrd me down at work. I was amazed at his HONESTY. We have and will always be friends. HERBERT WAS SO REAL. He always talked about his daughter and ex-wife., HE gave me his book Men, Marriage and Mistakes. I so moved that I hired him to help with a situation at work. He was so present and ALWAYS had a great outlook. HE WILL BE DEEPLY MISSED.

  2. "Herbie" Hart (as we called him in high school) was a good friend way back in 1980. We were in Jazz band together and I remember him as a very warm and caring person. He always had a smile on his face! Not surprising he ended up as a pastor. Tragic end to a life lived well!


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