Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flint in the fifties...and beyond

Can there be a more quintessential image of Flint in the fifties than this shot graciously provided by Grumkin?

Here's a more recent shot by Malevolent Teddy Bear.

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  1. ah yessss...the 50's. way before any of us knew what a 'superfund site' would be, or what the hell a 'military industrial complex' is, nixon was being spat on in the southern hemi, blackwater and dyncorp and devos, et al were still suckling on their wetnurse's more than likely underpaid and illegal teat. HUAC was being stood up by the likes of Bogart, Bacall, and God Bless Himself John Huston. Were we ever as innocent as Young Ralphie in xmas story?


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