Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flint international

U of M-Flint is pushing to attract international students, and it seems to be working, according to ABC12 News. More than 200 international students from 35 countries will attend in the fall, up from 127 last year. The goal is to attract 3-5 percent of the student population from other countries.

International students, by the way, pay higher tuition.

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  1. If you know any international students coming to Flint, please for the love of GOD, tell them to learn what "freeze!" means when a police officer says this to you in case you are pulled over. A South American student who went to the then named GMI back in 1992 was pulled over and did not know the customs of the USA in regard to a police over. In his country, you get OUT of the car to talk to the cop. He did this in FLINT and the Flint cop went berzerk and pulled a gun on him and arrested him. He got out of jail later and I am not sure if he stayed in Flint after that!


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