Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Even Flint has lofts

The Wade Trim Building on the 500 block of S. Saginaw Street is nearly open for business.

The Wade Trim civil engineering firm is leasing the 8,500 square-feet second floor, and WNEM Channel 5 is expected to take over space on the first floor by mid-September, according to Melissa Burden of The Flint Journal. Three of the four loft apartments have been leased and negotiations are taking place to lease the remaining retail spaces in the building.

The 500 block of S. Saginaw as envisioned by Uptown Developments.


  1. First Street Lofts ( are nearly full, and I think the couple across the street at the Community Foundation building are leased as well.

  2. I cant tell for SURE from the drawing, but it sure looks like Saginaw street will be a dirt road. SWEET.

  3. I think it's sort of retro dirt-road look that harkens back to Flint's pre-industrial agrarian roots. Either that or the city's paving budget has run dry.

    (Actually, did Flint ever have a pre-industrial era?)

  4. I think the dirt roads are actually a clever plan to eliminate the stolen sewer grate/manhole cover problem. That's innovation, Flint style.

    In a unrelated side note, I believe that 24" SUV rims fit Flint Manholes PERFECTLY!


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