Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flint chic

Get in the retro Flint spirit with this from Malaysia.


  1. You've never been to Funt Funt Funt Michigan?

    I guess style takes precedence over legibility.

  2. and here I thought it was an acronym for, maybe, " foul, unemployed, nasty and truculent. or former universally nifty trucks...

  3. No self-respecting Flintoid would ever wear that crap. For further lame-ass sheet, check out this phony Flint poser wear-

    Only a street-cred deficient Davisonite or Grand Blanker would doff that sloganeering shit.
    Just when did it become cool for suburbanites to claim Flint heritage? Nevertheless, this blog is proof positive that Flint-oriented t-shirts, tattoos, and the like will never make you a Flintoid. Nay my friend, ya gotta have stories. Hundreds and hundreds of weird, funny, and perverted Flint stories. That is the only way you can confirm your Flint identity.


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